About the project

The Improved Mind was inspired through a series of discussions with family, friends and acquaintances on the topic of meditation. A reoccurring question raised - the question on how to get started with the practice of meditation. This is the reason why this collection of resources was created. To help all of you nice humans explore the wonderful world of meditation through books, blogs, apps and people.

About the creator

My name is Alexander Traykov, a product designer born, raised and based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Five years ago I discovered the practice of mindfulness meditation which aids me in the journey of being more present, create stronger and better connections my his friends and family, as well as value and accept what's coming in my day to day life in a content matter. I hope you enjoy my small side-project and if you're interested in growing it together, please don't hesitate to contact me.

You could reach me out on , Instagram or drop me a line here.